Come back.

I feel like my work is full of House of 1000 corpses doppelgängers, between my coworkers and clients.

My Rob Zombie just got me a chicken taco.

And Captain Spalding gave me a ring for “putting up with an old fart”, taught me life lessons and we pinky promised over secrets I’ll never tell.

I honestly couldn’t be happier working anywhere else, I love this salon/tattoo shop.

I just miss you.
If I can’t have you I want nothing.

feetandfootblog asked:
Would you be interested in submitting a barefoot pic(s) for my blog featuring the most beautiful feet in the world? If you can't think of a pose then maybe take one of the bottoms of your feet...less people submit that angle but whatever works! You'll be surprised about the positive feedback you will get I have thousands of followers. If not no biggie! Submit by clicking the "submit" link on the top of my page) 18 plus only! No nudity please!Thanks for reading this random request I appreciate it

Whyyyyy do I always get theseeeeee

From today’s photoshoot.